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Here are 3 common questions separating people ask about settlements...
Q1:  "What am I entitled to in a settlement?"

Although there are no clear rules, you can find out the "right ballpark" for your settlement. Knowing that makes your negotiation much easier.

We can send you a Free Guide to help you find that out in minutes.

Q2:  "If we already have an agreed deal, how do we formalise it?"

Just agreeing, or signing with a witness, or even using a Statutory Declaration is not enough to make your deal binding.

The standard way to do so is called "Consent Orders". We can send you a guide that explains how Consent Orders work.

Q3:  "How do we formalise our arrangements about the kids?"

Most separating couples develop a Parenting Plan. Often, that's all that's needed. But you can also add some elements of a Parenting Plan into Consent Orders.

We can send you a free Parenting Plan to get you started.

So those are the 3 most common questions. If you'd like a practical (and free) Guide on any of these, just tick the topics that interest you.

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